Exquisite holiday giving

Vanilla Bean Ganache shelled in 54% dark chocolate

Vanilla Bean Ganache

peanut caramel bonbon shelled in 54% dark chocolate

Peanut Caramel

almond hazelnut gianduja shelled in 54%

Almond Hazelnut Gianduja

pumpkin spice latte bonbon shelled in 54%

Pumpkin Spice Latte

More Fancy Offerings

The Chocolatier

As head chocolatier for Fancy Bites, Nancy has trained with master chocolatiers Melissa Coppel, Kriss Harvey, Luis Amado, Kirsten Tibballs, Lana Orlova, and Martin Diez, through numerous classes from Europe, the USA, and Canada. She is a member of three international baking/chocolate schools. Nancy naturally blends her passion for art and fine food with her impeccable eye for detail and flair for all things beautiful.  Her new Chocolaterie in Fredericton offers an array of bonbons, artisan bars and candies, and delicate pastries and macarons. 

Come See & Taste

Seeing (and tasting!) is believing.

Come visit the bright and beautiful home of Fancy Bites in Fredericton to see the entire collection, including seasonal offerings  like  Chocolate Dipped  Fancy Ice Cream Bars, Cold Brewed Coffees, and Cold Brewed Herbal Teas. 

We’re on the Northside at 215 Main Street with lots of free parking. 


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