Our Story

When Nancy returned to her hometown of Fredericton, she turned a favorite hobby into a business. In her  chic boutique on Fredericton’s Main Street, she crafts delicate chocolate bonbons, bars, macaron, and sweet delicacies from only the finest ingredients. Her creative flair, exacting eye, and refined palate come together to create sweets that are the perfect balance of taste and visual appeal.


As head chocolatier for Fancy Bites, Nancy has trained with master chocolatiers Melissa Coppel, Kriss Harvey, Luis Amado, Kirsten Tibballs, Lana Orlova , and Marin Diez, through numerous classes from Europe, the USA, and Canada. She is a member of three international baking/chocolate schools.


Nancy naturally blends her passion for art and fine food with her impeccable eye for detail and flair for all things beautiful.  Her new Chocolaterie in Fredericton offers an array of bonbons, artisan bars and candies, and delicate pastries and macarons.


Beyond chocolate art, Nancy’s background includes jewelry design, fashion retail, card design, and rose gardening. Nancy hopes that anyone looking to support a new locally owned, female-run business will give Fancy Bites a try.

Our Very Special Ingredients

Enter into the world of Fancy Flavor that comes from using only the finest ingredients. We use only ‘real’ ingredients….. Real butter, real nuts, real fruit purees, and real cream. Callebaut Chocolate  surrounds our amazing fillings. Callebaut sources 100% sustainable cocoa. And for every bag of their chocolate that is purchased, a part is reinvested in the farmers and their communities.
Handcrafted right on the premises of Fancy Bites,  each one of Nancy’s bonbons is a tiny piece of edible art that is carefully and lovingly thought out to become the showpiece you will be proud to purchase and ‘Bite’ into!


Custom Orders for Your Special Times

If you need a special way to treat wedding guests, to thank your best clients, or to gift someone who deserves something special, something a little extra-fancy, we’re here for you! We would love to bring your vision to reality. Drop us a note, and let’s start creating!

Fancy Bites

215 Main St, Unit G
Fredericton, NB
E3A 1E1

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