Fancy Pastries, Macarons, & More

The Crookie

A rich chocolate chip cookie nestled both inside and atop a flaky, buttery croissant-a generous weight of 170 grams, promising a truly satisfying delight with every bite  $7


The bit of crunch on the outside giving way to a soft, sweet, pillowy chew on the inside. Variety of flavors, daily

Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies

Chocolate dipped Oreo cookies Vanilla Oreo with strawberry chocolate Vanilla Oreo with white chocolate Chocolate Oreo with 54% dark chocolate

Lemon Meringue Kisses

Lemony  and light as air fruit crunches made with real egg whites and fruit flavoring. 

Vanilla Almond Meringue Kisses

Light as air fruit crunches made with real egg whites, vanilla and almond flavoring. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Extra thick cookies with strawberry chips on top

Fruit Caramels

Soft, chewy, gooey and sweet caramels flavored with the unexpected pop of real fruit puree.

Pates de Fruites

Intensely flavored fruity jellies made with real fruit puree and cane sugar. 

Sponge Toffee

Better than the crunchy bar. Covered in 54% dark chocolate. Everyone loves these!

Almond Bites

Gluten free,  a customer favorite!!


Gluten-free and superbly decadent.

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