Love is in the Air

Ah, behold the enchantment of Valentine’s, that mystical moment when we dare to bare our souls and lavish our loves and sweethearts with gifts so pure, straight from the heart, unveiling the profound depth of our affection (Or, at least, the time of year when we TRY to be a little extra fancy in tone and intention). Here at Fancy Bites, Nancy has woven the sweetest concoctions to articulate your true emotions through her whimsically sweet and love-infused Valentine Chocolate Bonbon Collection.

To ensure availability, pre-orders are suggested.

"MY❤️IS FILLED UP" Bonbon Collection:


  • Red Hearts: 54% dark chocolate brimming with caramel
  • Lime Green Heart: 54% dark chocolate filled with zesty lime caramel
  • Peach Heart: White chocolate housing a delightful milk chocolate caramel ganache
  • Purple Heart: 54% dark chocolate cradling peanut caramel
  • Pink Heart: 54% dark chocolate embracing raspberry caramel
  • Sky Blue Heart: 54% dark chocolate cuddling dulce de leche caramel

Secure your pre-order for just $38!

Love Box

A Decadent Heart Jewel Box crafted from 54% dark chocolate is filled with Strawberry Chocolate Hearts (with freeze-dried raspberries and vanilla pearls), a 54% dark chocolate Hazelnut Drop, and two Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Strips. Accompanying our jewel box is a Red Heart Bonbon (54% dark chocolate filled with dark truffle ganache), a Pink Gift bonbon (white chocolate filled with earl gray/ rose ganache), and a sweet little Purple Heart bonbon (54% dark chocolate filled with black currant/cardamom ganache)  

Pre-Order $28 

Valentine Tablet

Our special Valentine’s tablet bar, a whimsical creation crafted from Ruby chocolate, sprinkled with the fairy dust of vanilla crispearls, and adorned with a delightful crunch of pistachios.  $14

Bar & Hearts

A symphony of crunchy Ferrero enveloped in 54% dark chocolate, awaits you. It features Yellow Hearts with lemon meringue wrapped in white chocolate, Red Hearts with cinnamon ganache embraced by 54% chocolate. The Pink Faceted Heart, crafted from white chocolate, and the sweet Pink Lip, a solid strawberry chocolate adorned with freeze-dried raspberries and vanilla pearls (secretly hidden beneath the pink heart), complete this enchanting ensemble.

Secure your pre-order for just $28!

House made ice cream

Ice Cream Sandwich
The perfect marriage of our house-made ice cream, and house-made cookies. These are really the best ice cream sandwiches you’ll ever find! 
(Pictured here is our Coffee & Donuts sandwich)

Ice Cream Bar

Hand-made ice cream bars featuring our very own artisanal ice creams. New flavors debut frequently!

Ice Cream Tub
12oz tub of house-made artisanal small-batch ice cream. Flavors vary, so be sure to check out our socials for what’s available today!
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