House made ice cream

Calling All TACO FANS!

Ok, not every day can be  Taco Tuesday, but who needs an excuse to enjoy tacos?

Introducing our Taco Ice Cream at Fancy Bites, available all summer long! Each treat features our in-house made taco shells filled with small batch artisan ice cream. Here are our delicious flavors:

🌮 Cardamom/Rose with white chocolate, rose petals, and chocolate pearls
🌮 Vanilla Bean with milk chocolate and candied hazelnuts

Flavors will change throughout the summer, but our classic Vanilla Bean will be available all season.

Get yours for $6.50 each!



Oooohhhh….Ice Cream Filled Croissants

Imagine a golden, flaky croissant, gently warmed to perfection, with a generous scoop of creamy, velvety ice cream nestled inside. As you take a bite, the crisp layers of the croissant give way to the cool, smooth texture of the ice cream, creating a delightful contrast of temperatures and textures in every mouthful. The buttery richness of the croissant complements the sweet creaminess of the ice cream, making each bite a heavenly experience of indulgence and satisfaction. It’s a decadent treat that combines the best of both worlds—baked goodness and frozen delight.

Ice Cream Sandwich
The perfect marriage of our house-made ice cream, and house-made cookies. These are really the best ice cream sandwiches you’ll ever find! 
(Pictured here is our Coffee & Donuts sandwich)

Ice Cream Bar

Hand-made ice cream bars featuring our very own artisanal ice creams. New flavors debut frequently!

Ice Cream Tub
12oz tub of house-made artisanal small-batch ice cream. Flavors vary, so be sure to check out our socials for what’s available today!
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