Love you, Mom!


Ok, we know that Mom is a strong woman, capable of anything, but that doesn’t mean she needs to buy herself flowers! That’s up to you – and behold, we present the most exquisite bouquet imaginable.

This offering comprises nine meticulously crafted botanical bonbons – featuring hazelnut caramel in the rose bonbon, apricot vanilla bean ganache in the tulip bonbon, violet mango ganache in the violet bonbon, Irish coffee ganache in the daisy, and solid mint chocolate leaves. The vase, sculpted from 54% dark chocolate, is adorned with chocolate-covered roasted almonds and strawberry chocolate-covered corn puffs. All bonbons are crafted from 54% dark chocolate, except for the tulips, which are fashioned from white chocolate. 

Pre-orders suggested $39

Oh so posh!  Indulge Mom with Nancy’s elegant rendition of the luxurious Kelly Hermes bag.

Fashioned from 54% dark chocolate, its interior houses six Mendiants: two boasting dark chocolate adorned with cranberries and vanilla chocolate pearls, two featuring white chocolate paired with crystallized hibiscus, crystallized rose, and lavender, and two gold chocolate infused with cardamom and candied orange peel. Even the lipstick is meticulously crafted from solid white chocolate. 

Pre-orders suggested $37

House made ice cream

Ice Cream Sandwich
The perfect marriage of our house-made ice cream, and house-made cookies. These are really the best ice cream sandwiches you’ll ever find! 
(Pictured here is our Coffee & Donuts sandwich)

Ice Cream Bar

Hand-made ice cream bars featuring our very own artisanal ice creams. New flavors debut frequently!

Ice Cream Tub
12oz tub of house-made artisanal small-batch ice cream. Flavors vary, so be sure to check out our socials for what’s available today!
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